Checks by Internet

What is Checks by Internet

Checks by Internet is a service that allows your business to submit check orders from customers on our web server. Rather than having to fax or E-mail the form, simply fill out the Checks By Internet form and submit it.

Checks by Internet is a method of taking payments similar to accepting credit cards via the internet. Your customer provides information about his/her checking account and we turn that information into a check. With Checks by Internet you can sell your goods or services online by drafting the customer's account with no payment delays due to slow mail and without high credit card fees.

What Checks by Internet means -- now you can take internet orders and payments from people who do not have credit cards or do not wish to use them. This alone could double your customer base.

How Checks by Internet Work

1. The Resource Group will E-mail your webmaster the "Checks by Internet" payment page.
2. Your webmaster will post the payment page to your website.
3. The payment page will request your customer's name, address and bank information: bank name, routing number, account number and amount to be drafted.
4. When your customer completes the payment page, they will click on "Submit Payment" and the information provided automatically transmits to the Resource Group.
5. The Resource Group will print checks drawn on your customer's account.
6. The checks are delivered to you.
7. You deposit the checks into your account.

Benefits of Checks by Internet

- Eliminates credit card charge backs
- Eliminates costly COD refusals
- Eliminates expensive COD fees
- Allows you to collect bills and pledges immediatly over the internet

There are no start-up fees and no hidden costs. There are no minimum monthly fees, only the small per check fee. You pay for the service as you use it. No need for special equipment purchases or leases, all you need is your computer.

The Resource Group never has access to your money and is paid nothing but the small per check processing fee. We do not handle your money in any way. The checks are payable to your business name.

Checks by Internet, unlike credit cards, do not cost you a percentage of each transaction. The cost is a flat fee per check, regardless of the amount of the check. This cost can usually be passed on to your customer as a handling fee.

A legitimate concern for you and your customer is whether or not internet transacations are safe. The answer is yes. Our site it protected by VeriSign.

How to get started with Check by Internet

Simply complete the Checks by Internet agreement and we provide the payment form.

The checks are delivered to your office by regular mail or express service if specified.

The Resource Group does not guarantee these checks. These are paper drafts by the Resource Group and no special guarantee is given. They should be subjected to the same criteria that you have for any other business or personal check. They can and will be returned to you for insufficient funds, just as if you received a check in person or by mail. Payment can be stopped by your customer as with any other check.

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