Checks by Fax

What is Checks by Fax

Checks by Fax is a method of taking payments similar to accepting credit cards by phone or fax. Your customer provides information about his/her checking account and we turn that information into a check. Your checks are then sent to you either by regular mail or by Federal Express.

Checks by Fax is easy and it saves you money. It costs nothing to get started. It does not require buying or leasing any special equipment. All you need is a phone and a fax machine. Unlike credit cards, Checks by Fax does not cost you a percentage of each transaction. Checks by Fax costs a flat fee per check regardless of the amount of the check. The cost of Checks by Fax is usually passed on to the customer in handling fees.

What this means is now you can take phone orders from people who don't have credit cards or do not wish to use their credit cards. This alone could double your customer base.

How to get started with Checks by Fax

It's easy to get started. Simply complete the information request form to get more information. Once you're ready to put Checks by Fax to work, all you need to do is complete the agreement. Then you are ready to start accepting payments with Checks by Fax.

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